This isn't primary care, this isn't secondary care, this is the care that a person needs, where they need it, when they need it.

The Virtual Ward, care without boundaries.

Founded by a team who have worked for the NHS, including clinicians, healthcare professionals and technologists, we have real life experience and insight into the everyday challenges faced by care teams.

Our mobile digital platform provides true real-time communication, capturing information at the point of care and instantly sharing it across the whole care team, anytime anywhere, on or offline. This means that we are reducing the costs of delivering care, greatly improving the efficiency of clinical staff and supporting better safer patient outcomes.

Clinical Collaboration is what we do.

Enabling clinicians, HCA's, PNA's to optimise their care delivery through easy to use, fast data collection at the point of care.

Developer Project Owner (you) Specialist Project Manager Designer

Our approach is clinically-centred, as part of our discovery we determine what your team needs through close shadowing, observational and workshop activities.

We pride ourselves on our unique discovery approach

Our Vision

To revolutionise mobile working through our advanced (real-time communication mobile platform.

All about the Why

We believe in helping people to live longer, richer lives by giving them access to and control of their critical healthcare data.

Highly experienced senior team
Carbon Labs has brought together some of the best design, development and strategic minds in the world. Backed by a senior team with significant design-led software industry experience, we have a rich legacy of delivering successful, benefits-laden technology implementations across industries including healthcare, government, finance and telecommunications.

Dominic List

Chief Executive Officer

Gavin Kipling

Design Officer

Stacey Rogers

Healthcare Product Manager

Paul Kirkley

Chief Technology Officer (Director)

Paul Charlton

Head of Development

Healthcare Advisory Board
Pam Garside

Pam Garside

Pam Garside has her own management consultancy, Newhealth, specialising in organisational strategy and development in health care, and is a Fellow of the Judge Business School of the University of Cambridge. She works extensively with boards of a wide range of health care organisations on strategy, governance and leadership issues. She began her professional life in management in the NHS and subsequently spent many years studying and working internationally based in the USA.

Pam co‚Äźchairs The Cambridge Health Network, a membership group of senior players in UK health, both private and public sector. She is a Senior Associate of the Nuffield Trust, an Adjunct Professor at Imperial College Business School, a board member of charities Whizz-Kidz and C3, and chair of Diagnosis, a social enterprise promoting clinical leadership.

Pam holds a BSc from the University of Durham and a Masters Degree in Hospital and Health Care Administration from the University of Minnesota.